Our Emotional Detox Technique

If you haven’t yet seen Michael demonstrate our Emotional Detox, please enjoy the videos!

The Emotional Detox and Mindfulness
Many practitioners find the Emotional Detox technique contained in our books are very helpful for creating an ideal space for assisting clients. They also find that it really works for themselves as well, especially when they  practice this 2 to 3 minute exercise before working with each of their clients. (Try it!)
They tell us that their clients/patients love the exercise, as do our clients. We use it at the start of the session and set it up by suggesting that we do an "Emotional Detox" before starting today's session. We do this because clients that feel better - heal better. Another benefit of starting this way is that we are able to notice anything that might require additional attention as we guide them through the detox.
We also use the exercise to teach mindfulness. We utilize the power of suggestion and suggest that the exercise helps people discover that they can be aware of their thoughts, feelings and emotions without getting lost or absorbed in them. We always end the exercise by reminding the client that they are able to be aware of their thoughts and feelings in the moment and that empowers them to gently refocus their full attention on what they are doing.


Our goal is to teach people that they can be aware of their thoughts and feelings in the moment and at the same time re-focus their attention on what they are doing in that moment. This helps people develop their ability to practice an active form of mindfulness rather than the conventional meditative form.


Affording our clients the power to choose how they are feeling at any given time is extremely liberating. Practitioners can enhance this effect by demonstrating that the clients can specifically choose their positive states, so that they can selectively experience peaceful and calm, strong and confident, silly and fun, sexy and loved, or whatever feeling they desire. The process is malleable and it’s important to let people know that there is no wrong or right way to help themselves feel better; what is required is the hope and belief that they can feel better! 
So, help yourself to our Emotional Detox approach – play with it privately and then use it with your clients. You will notice that it quickly becomes a valuable part of your hypnosis practice. If you want to learn even more creative and empowering ways to help your clients, consider applying to be part of our HOPE COACHing network!




Michael, Kelley and Alan