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Are you interested in becoming a HOPE Coach?

Welcome! HOPE Coaching is an effective way to market your hypnotic services and assist your hypnosis clients.

Think of our HOPE Coaching guided, self-help training program as Mind-Body Medicine.

Q. What can clients expect from HOPE Coaching?

  A. The opportunity to reprogram themselves for a happier, healthier and more effective life.

Q. What types of issues can HOPE Coaches help clients with?

  A. Our approach is suitable for any problem that normally presents in your practice, with the usual precaution of working within the scope of your training and abilities.

Q. What will a practitioner gain from becoming a HOPE Coach?

  A.  In addition to helping you build better relationships with your HOPE coaching clients, our program will teach you how to confidently:

  • Gather information  
  • Educate your clients
  • Motivate your clients  
  • Establish realistic client expectations
  • Manage your own mental states

Joining our network gives you access to experienced hypnosis mentors, latest research articles, a pdf version of our practitioner's guide and a listing in our International HOPE Coach Directory.

HOPE Coaches practice mindful hypnosis when assisting clients, utilizing effective communication, intention, anticipation, excitation, expectations and ratification to empower our clients to reach their goals with ease and skill.

Reading our practitioner's guide will give you some insight on our approach, including how to use our very successful Emotional Detox process to help clients help themselves!

Here's how to become certified as a HOPE Coach:


Great News! Our book is now available for purchase in print or kindle versions. Receive it FREE when you sign on as a HOPE Coach!

Reviews for our book:

"There are few books I can give a 110% recommendation to. This is one of them."
Richard Nongard

"I had a session with a Chronic Pain client today. It was my first paying client for that reason. I was well prepared, and given permission by the Doctor. The client said she never felt this good, and today was the first time she was completely comfortable in a very long time. I have to say it was the most rewarding feeling I've ever experienced in four years as a Hypnotist!

I've helped several smokers, and weight client over the years. Stress and anxiety clients are my personal favorite, but I never knew how personally rewarding helping people with pain could be! Honestly, Kelley T. Woods and Michael Ellner's latest book on HOPE Coaching made me realize that I already knew the majority of skills for a pain client. Their book and Richard Nongard's pain material in his big book gave me the groundwork. I reassembled everything to make it personal to the client, and added some of my mojo. What a GREAT day!"

 - Lonnie Scott  6/26/2013

HOPE Coaches do not diagnose, analyze or fix their clients!